Belmont Elite                    
Rotterdam NY

                                                                  Carver Park - Western Turnpike - Rt. 20 and Old Settles Hill Road - Altamont, NY  12209

"Attitude is everything, it begins with committing to yourself, your coach and your team. Strive for excellence at every level."

Coach Rob

  Pictured below, 2013 Belmont Elite's first ever team, thanks to our devoted Coach Rob & his family. 

ALERT:   4/14  No strength and conditioning class tonight. Red team practice Mon and wed 5:30 carver park.

Blue team Tues and Thurs 5:30carver park.  

4/15 Game against S Troy canceled for April 15

(Click 'Schedule' link above for practice & game dates)


Belmont kicked off their homestand Friday night, May 10, 2013 at Carver Park against the Troy Dodgers.  



 Event Pictures 
Kids... remember to be positive, exercise & eat right.  We will see all of you in the Spring - we will have lots of practices and games, so have your singing voices ready and gear up to have more fun!  Thank you for giving the parents and volunteers a great season and putting smiles on all our faces.


Work Parties-

Belmont Baseball is a grass roots organization.  Our whole mission is to provide a great baseball experience for our 21 kids. To keep the cost reasonable, we need everyone's help.  From raking the field to getting sponsors, all help is appreciated.  We are a very transparent organization & everything that we do goes 100% back to our kids.

NOTE - under the above tab SCHEDULE you will find your coaches current reminders, schedules, uniform requirements and other pertinent information. 

"Determination.  Knowing if you work hard you will eventually be rewarded with many levels of success."
Coach Rob


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